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Originally Posted by just jeff View Post
Sorry Girls! You still need tubes even in tubless tires if you are installing them on bikes which have spoked rims. The air will leak out all the spoke holes! Yes there are ways of converting spoked rims to tubless but it is somewhat complicated and a pain. Tubes are not that bad to patch.IMO
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I agree. A few have tried to convert DR650 rims to tubeless ... most times they end up leaking. Fixing flats is a royal pain .... my advice? Get help!
The good news is that in Mexico ... there are "llanteros" everywhere. (tire repair). Even small villages have a tire repair guy ... and they are GOOD and cheap. ($3 to $5 to change a tube and patch your old one good as new. Learn to ride your loaded bike with a flat. Just ride to the tire shop. It may destroy tube ... but better than baking in the sun on the highway. I carry 3 spare tubes on long rides ... and buy another if one is ruined.
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