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Originally Posted by eric2 View Post
Delusions, you haz them.

planned obsolescence? are we talking about points or electronic ignition? What special tools are needed to fix electronic ignition? You're talking out of your ass. I have 150k between k1200s and r1200gs and have never had an electronics issue, and the plugs in the GS last 50k easily.

Bearings without grease ports? WTF are you talking about? I'm not aware of any mfg, car or bike putting grease ports on in this day and age. Final drives taking dumps? pretty small percentage considering how many have been sold, and I never even serviced the FD on ANY of my 7 bmws so equipped, including 2 airheads.

And whats with this nonsense "VS R80 G/S monolever final drive are bathe in oil and typically last life of bike. "
You don't think new FDs are bathed in oil? You're making a fool out of yourself.

Here's a real laugher:

"you are dreaming if you think new BMW motorcyles are more reliable than my R80 G/S. this is assuming both are in same condition. for instance my R80 G/S has gone though a frame-off rebuilt ... engine balanced to 1/10 gram, tranny refreshed, new wiring harness, all bearings/seals replaced, shocks front and rear revalved, upgrade alternator, new cables, carbs refresh, etc. etc. "

How many miles were on your R80gs when you had to do a frame off rebuild? You conveniently left out that part. I haven't had to do that on my r12gs, and its got 125k miles on it.

Finally, a tank of bad fuel is not going to destroy an engine just because it doesn't have knock sensor. You really have lost it and show you really are clueless as to the workings of simple mechanics. Wouldn't there be a lot of destroyed engines if this is the case?

I'm with Jim, this is a luddite thread that started out as a debate between FI and carbs and has now devolved into
longing for the good old days when bikes were "reliable".

Here's the news, my R75/5 and R65Ls were the most unreliable bikes I've owned. The R65LS alone had these failures
before 50k miles.

Oil soaked clutch
Broken shift linkage in transmission (warranty)
Dual coils exploded 60 miles outside Waco
Open in the alternator rotor (common problem but not everyone carries a spare because its so unreliable)
paint peeling off wheels
leaky FD
carb diaphrams
throttle linkage\gears
diode board
floats sticking in carbs spilling fuel everywhere.
rotting exhaust pipes
alternator too weak to keep battery charged in town
difficult to start in cold weather.

I finally sold it after 12 years and only 90k miles, and it likely needed a top end rebuild.

What really irritates airhead lovers is the superior mileage my r1200gs gets, I was lucky to get 40mpg
on my airheads on the highway but can average 45mpg around town now. How can a motor with twice the displacement
get better mileage? FI and electronic ignition thats how, and running out of gas will leave you just as starnded
as these new "unreliable" bikes do.

You've convinced me though, I can make my reliable r1200gs even more reliable by fitting carbs, converting to points
and condenser, changing to monolever FD. I'm also gonna ditch the hydraulics and switch to drum brakes and cables to make it bulletproof.

sorry mate
i have had two
stick coil failures on my k12s
both worked out of the bike
not when installed
also my old beveldrive duc ran with no battery
one kick start.

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