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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
It may be more accurate, but I much prefer to sit on my couch, relaxing with my feet up when I play shooters. I'm not competitive or anything - I simply look at it as a way to relax. It's a heck of a lot easier to relax on the couch than in my office chair! I used to play Battlefield 1942 with the Desert Combat mod on my computer, and spent way too much time sitting at my desk. But once I got an XBox I never went back.

The computer is definitely better for strategy games, as it's much easier to use keyboard commands to select, move, etc.
My office chair is super comfy, and I have an ottoman under my desk. A true game knows that he must elevate his feet to avoid edema and DVTs.

Mouse+Keyboard 4-EVAR!!!!!
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