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Hello c-m. So you are looking at touring and, something that can handel some bad roads from what I can gather, so I was wounder a few things that can help you pick something that you might be looking for !!!

In your general area where you live, there must be someone who works on bikes that you use when you need things done, or you are the person who dose all of his/ her own work. I only ask this from the point that if something needs fixing, can you or the shop of people that you trust be there when you need them ???

You have a few ideas of mud and sand in your thread, so I'm guessing that weight is a factor, and that 222 kg's or 489 lbs won't work for your off road stuff. The pillon thing tells me that you want highway handling as well. So with most of this info that you have supplied, I would like to ask, What bikes did you have in mind ???
Brand or Make would help a-lot, and if you had to pick 5 or 7 bikes to choose from, what would they be ???

You must of been looking at a few units, so throw a few of them out there, being that it makes things easier to start some where. Look at the trululu96 thread to see what he has in his selection. He picked some awesome units to start with, and now he has to pick from his list, or add others that might fit his catagory

I commented on his thread, and some of that info might come in handy as you find you "Fab Five or Seven units that you are looking at."

From Jeathrow Bowdean in Western Canada
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