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Originally Posted by turbodieseli4i6 View Post
I bet it will beat 100 mpg pretty good with aero aids. I'm sure my big windshield and luggage dropped my mileage a few mpg's.

I'm going to try for 85 mpg this summer though. 50-55 mph and see what I get. I'm betting at least 85 mpg.
I think you will see 80-85 easily just by holding the speed to 55 and limiting stop and goes.

Just today I took a ride with an eye toward getting a good mpg return without holding up traffic and still have fun. I picked a route where I would get out of urban traffic quickly then ride over 100 miles with a return to the same gas station, same gas pump and still have fun doing it. I did not exceed 60 mph and most often was between 50 and 60. I know this will not excite many riders and ADV riders in particular but it was a nice change of pace for me and a beautiful day to just be out riding. The thread has returned recently to fuel mileage and I had not had mpg on my mind for a while so it was fun for me. My bike turned 9500 miles on the ride today.

119 miles/1.44 gallons = 82.4 mpg on 10% ethanol regular. I am 5' 6" and 155 lbs.
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