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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Mexico is highly recommended for dental work. Even the border towns are good ... but do research, ask around to find the best Docs. I'm not a fan of Dental Schools ... I've used them in the past.

They now even do Implants in Mexico. I had some filings and a crown done for about 1/4 the US cost. Wisdom teeth require a real oral surgeon. They knock you out. Only way to go, IMHO. Ask around for advice. Some Wisdom's come out easy ... some can be very difficult and turn into a disaster if a student is trying to do it.
I feel kind of weird for saying this, because one of my phobias is folks in white coats with sharp implements, but I'd like to avoid general anesthesia if possible, simply because it has its own risks. The cavity-riddled wisdom tooth is already a bit loose, so I don't think it'd be too hard to pull. I'm not sure about the half-exposed sideways one. I'll definitely be looking into my options. The cavity one worries me a bit because I don't know if it's infected or abcessed (I've been treating it with raw garlic just in case), if it is, I might not be able to wait the month and a half for my passport renewal to go through to take care of it. We'll see what the consultation says, then at least I'll know what I'm in for either way.

The top nut will not affect head bearing tension ... but if the big but is loose you may feel movement under braking as the whole steering stem can "wiggle" a bit.
Head bearings are under the big top nut and under the top triple clamp.
Best let an expert finely adjust them. Probably are fine ... might need a bit of grease.
Well, we put in new steering head bearings with plenty of waterproof grease not that long ago. I'm not worried about that. The top nut wasn't "wiggle loose", but it sure didn't feel like the 65 foot pounds the manual suggests so I snugged it up. The steering has felt a bit too uh, "responsive" since the replacement, and I figure tightening the nut couldn't hurt. Whether it did a damn thing remains to be seen! If this doesn't work I'll poke around some more.

Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Those are the exact same bags I had on the Rebel. It's good to know somebody likes them at least! I found that my balance of weight had to be almost equal or they'd start sagging on one side, melt on the exhaust, etc. I ended up making a bag spacer as part of the rack for the Rebel which solved the problem completely (I know there are soft bag racks which do this for the DR). It's entirely possible that I am just a packrat and carry too much shit. Also, I like that my boxes lock. Might just be a mental thing, but I hate leaving soft bags on a bike when I park in a city, or anywhere that the bike will be out of my view...

Odorless Kero is the way ...
Wait, the stink is optional?! Where do you buy this substance?

me gusta Orejas.
I'll have to give ears a shot then! Thanks!

Learn to ride your loaded bike with a flat. Just ride to the tire shop.
That sounds terrifying! I'd be more afraid of wrecking the rim... I'll just be sweating for an hour next to the highway fixing it, thanks!
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