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Originally Posted by KodiakRS View Post
I'm currently in the market for a sport tourer and figured I'd ask you guys some questions.

I currently have a multistrada 1200 which I love except for it's insane maintenance and horrible wind protection. I'm looking to replace it with something a little bit better suited to long distance riding without giving up too much in the handling department. I try to ride "the pace" as described by Nick Ienatsch, so a monster of an engine isn't really that critical. Good handling however is a major requirement. All of the traditional ST bikes I've ridden (C14/FJR) have decent handling for big high powered luxury touring motorcycles but once you start pushing them even moderately hard in the corners they start to have issues. From what I've seen, the relatively light weigh and short wheelbase of the r1200 series compared to the bigger ST bikes leads them to excel in the handling and cornering departments. The few times I've ridden behind a properly motivated rider on a GS or RT they've ridden at a significantly quicker pace than I expected.

Is my assumption correct, or is does the RT still handle like a big luxury touring motorcycle?

Another question: For those who have ridden both, which would you rather take down a twisty (paved) canyon road? An R1200GSA or an R1200RT. Which would you rather take on a multi day motorcycle camping trip?

Last question, how is the wind protection on the RT for a someone with a TALL torso. I'm 6'4 with a measly 34'' inseam which has lead to endless frustration with buffeting on the mts1200. Am I correct in assuming that the RT is going to have vastly superior wind protection than the GSA?
I came from an 07 FJR & i can not say anything bad about that bike, as it handled quite well & good wind protection with the right windshield. But i wanted to try something a little different (engine wise), & got to say that my RT sure is different than the FJR. The fairing is wider , so better wind protection to the lower body (actually hotter in the summer than the FJR , cause no wind gets to you) & as for handeling , the RT has it`s weight low so it took a little to get used to. In tight stuff the RT really shines , as it is more flickable cause it is lighter & weight is lower. I still have the stock shield (which kind of sucks for me 6'1" 32 inseam) so can`t say about wind & buffiting until i spend some buck on a better one.
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