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True about the noise and muzzle blast. It's weird that my 300wsm isn't too bad for either, but my wife's .270 Win is painful to be around when she shoots. Both rifles have identical muzzle brakes, but hers is very harsh compared to mine.

Dealing with recoil is a learned experience. You can get used to heavy recoil with enough exposure. I spent a bunch of bench time at work testing different 12ga slugs, averaging about 250 rds per day over the course of several months. After that, I don't notice recoil much anymore!

The biggest factor is getting the noise level down. The other factor is shooting position. Offhand is the best for absorbing recoil, sitting or kneeling on the ground is next best. Shooting from a bench doesn't allow your body to move much and it is forced to absorb all the recoil. Prone is the worst, absolutely no flex at all and your body is inline with the recoil.

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