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Good luck with the consultation. It may be counter-intuitive ... but trust me ... being knocked out for Wisdom teeth is the only way to go. Ask around.
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The steering has felt a bit too uh, "responsive" since the replacement, and I figure tightening the nut couldn't hurt. Whether it did a damn thing remains to be seen! If this doesn't work I'll poke around some more.
Something else is up. Could be the difference to loaded or unloaded bike? Or tires. Tires can really fool you on the DR650. Worn tires really mess up the DR.
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Those are the exact same bags I had on the Rebel. It's good to know somebody likes them at least! I found that my balance of weight had to be almost equal or they'd start sagging on one side, melt on the exhaust, etc. I ended up making a bag spacer as part of the rack for the Rebel which solved the problem completely (I know there are soft bag racks which do this for the DR). It's entirely possible that I am just a packrat and carry too much shit. Also, I like that my boxes lock. Might just be a mental thing, but I hate leaving soft bags on a bike when I park in a city, or anywhere that the bike will be out of my view...
The Nelson Rigg bags are supported ... they never sag and 30% more room than the tourmaster's. I've yet to tour with mine ... SOON!

These are either GIVI or Happy Trails racks. Excellent! Keeps them off the pipe ... even when stuffed with Wine bottles! Soft bags weight are taken 90% on the straps that go over the seat. These racks don't crack like with hard bag racks ... which must support ALL the weight.

Below is my set up on my first trip to Baja on my DR650. These are Givi E-41 bags. Great bags but when you add up the racks, hardware and the bags themselves, they added almost 35 lbs. ... EMPTY!

PS: A 5TH grader with a screw driver can break into any hard bag. But I totally understand your feeling. Go with hard bags if they calm you down.
That is important! Relax ... Have Fun!

Following the Baja 1000 course back in 2007. The DR was OK but was squirrely in more technical terrain. When I switched to soft bags and dropped 40 lbs. the bike was TRANSFORMED! MUCH BETTER!
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