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Today's mission; get the bike together and running!

Started with this;

And this;

Bearing kit from All Balls;

Started with cut off wheel and removed cage and rollers;

Then used the cut off wheel to groove the inner race;

After additional cuts and grooves, a chisel was used to crack the race, then it just fell off;

After removing all traces of grease (and before my wife could stop me) into the freezer for a cool down;

And the new bearing goes onto the wood stove to be warmed up:

After setting the lower seal in place, used the old inner race (upside down & with an assortment of washers stacked on top) to drive the warmed up bearing onto the cold steering stem (with a length of pipe);

All cleaned up & greased;

Steering stem back in place, not shown was driving the new bearing cup into the lower steering head;

Fork legs and wheel;

Front brake and speedo cable;

Cables & wiring, should have paid more attention when disassembling, had to take the headlight and speedo off a couple of times before all the wires and cables were properly in place;

Getting there, took my time getting everything just right, so far it looks like I may be able to get by with these handlebars, I did rotate the cross bar back so that the low speed adjuster can be rotated a full 360 degrees;

Out with the old battery that lasted barely a year, in with a new gel battery;

Ready to button up;

Fired up almost instantly;

After all the work it felt great to ride her again!

Now that it's rideable again, I can tweak, tune and practice, our first cross country event is on 3-17 and on 4-6 we have the Stump Jumpers D100. Can't wait!
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