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The Super Tenere has no beak.

It is beakless. It is beaklacking. Sin el beako.

Behold, even the lowly KLR, it has a beak. Even the new KLR, though it may be a bent beak, it has a beak.

I would hate not to have a beak.

I once broke my beak, in New York, ramming it against a wayward pickup. That pickup suffered the wrath of my GS's beak. My beak, it was worth more than that pickup.

My insurance company, they bought me a new beak, from Germany. But it was beakback ordered. It was not even a touratekbeak.
The beak boat was slow, and it was not from China.

So I bought a new beak. The beak from ebay. I performed my own beak transplant.

Now my GS sports a Big Black Beak.

And I have a backup beak. Don't lack the beak.
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