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hi jesse. you are correct and we'll take care of it.

my fault and i apologize.

there are only 2 tent cabins and one is yours. not exactly sure where they are since they're new. probably near the front row on the right side when you ride in.

bring the camera, we need good pics for this event....

folks, please see the list and if there's something missing or an error....LET US KNOW.


Originally Posted by goodcat8 View Post

myself (jesse) and hypnosavant (chad) are numbers 164&165 on the IN list.

We're labeled as...

164. Hypnosavant (Chad) - TR3 (TC1) - D3
165. GoodCat8 (Jesse) - TR3 (TC1) - D3

We should be MC3 and we have no camp spot designation. We signed up for the tent cabin thing'a'ma'jig.

Shoot me a PM if Im just reading this retarded and should just shut up

Oh and we're both on DL650's
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