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Originally Posted by RW66 View Post
Highway 97 is a famous road here in Mexico....I couple of years ago a missionary couple ran a road block in that area and they filled the pick up full of bullets and killed the wife but the husband got to the border with his life....they were driving a 4 door pick up that these people like.
I have worked in Mexico for over 32 years and have lived in centeral Mexico for over 6 years....I have had several professional trainings on this kind of activity.....the bottom line is always the same.
The first thing is stop!
They dont want you they only want your money......or mostly SUV....and large pickup trucks...( I have never heard of them taking a motorcycle) I feel safer on my bikes than driving my pickup.....
The training says to always have a little cash In case we get stopped....the question the professionals your bike or car and what you have on you worth more than your life? If they want our cash give them a little cash, but don't give them a reason to take yor life...
They do not kidnap Americans in Mexico.......kidnapping a US citizen is a US federal crime anywhere in the also takes several days of servaliance to plan a kidnapping, this will probably never happen...
Dress down and don't draw attention to yourself.....don't wear expensive watches etc....wear the watch that you would not mind giving away....
I have been stoped by check points throughout centeral and northern Mexico......a couple could have been the bad guys, but I always tell them what they ask.......
I am just another inmate in centeral Mexico hoping others can enjoy all I have in my back yard and be safe doing it...
Follow the rules to stack the card in your favor.....good luck and enjoy!!!
HW97 also gets to "San Fernando"...

I'd rather avoid the whole area. Last time I went to Reynosa/McAllen I took HW40 from Monterrey to Reynosa.
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