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Originally Posted by Queen of Spades View Post
Yeah, the wiring diagram seems off. My bike doesn't have a tachometer - only a mechanical speedometer and indicator lamps in the dash. I mistakenly followed the blue/wt wire back to the relay starter - need to double check that and find where my coil voltage originates.

Edit -- the "k" from the chart blended with the ohm symbol, missed that. I'll run the test again in the next couple days and post findings.
Power has to originate from the ignition switch.

We need to find the correct wiring diagram, then you take it to the copier and enlarge it. I think a dealer or KTM USA technical will help you.

Once you get the wiring diagram enlarge it.

The plug socket size is 18mm.

Do you have any jumper wires?
Better make some around 3 feet long with alligator clips on either end.

Buy a good roll of 3M Scotch super 33+.
Buy some dielectric or silicone grease.

And a small pair of sharp scissors to cut the tape(don't tear it!).

The scissors go in your tool kit. A small bag or old sock holds the tale, jumpers and multimeter. Grease goes to the tool kit

You are looking like a motorcycle DC electrician.

And smile, you are among the elite.

Reread everything Gunner wrote.

Unscrew the plug cap and cut off 3/8" off the wire end, re-screw the cap.

Check and grease every electrical connection especially on the wires leaving the ignition switch.

Check, plug and unplug every connection on the rest of the motorcycle and grease with dialectic grease.

Bring the motorcycle up the steps into the dining room. It's warmer in have to run it, darn!!!

Don't give up, we have all been there.

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