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It's a short cut, really
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It's a Motorcycle


It runs.

Everything works

Nothing leaks

Nothing fell off

I put in about 40 miles this afternoon. It's good to be back on the big bike again.


Rob was right. It's running rich.

Rob, the 800 seemed not really much different than the 750. Likely the fueling being off is affecting this a bit but my "Butt Dyno" didn't detect much change. It seems to pull a little stronger in 4th and 5th but is pretty rich on top .

It pulls nicely up to about 6000 in top gear then doesn't want to do any more. When I got back the end of the pipe was coated with a nice, dry, fluffy BLACK.

No oil, not wet (thank goodness) but veryvery black. Wipe it off with your finger and blow most of it off.

So, I guess tomorrow the carbs come back out and 125 mains go in.

Carole reminded me that I LIKE taking motorcycles apart. I needed that cause I didn't want to do it all again but I have to do it right.

More later.
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