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Thumb S/TEP Class

Finished the class today!!

I are A 'ofishul' Sidecar Pilot (well as soon as I go to WA DOL and get my license amended)

Even got my wings, I flew the chair (crude as it was, I kept it in the air)

Are you taking it from PNW or Evergreen? How many students in the class?
Took it from PNW in Auburn at the Supermall. Nice classroom, 8 students in this class ranging from a no motorcycle experience noob to long time riders. 2 great instructors, Dan and Dave, did a great job demoing everything, answering questions, asking questions to make us all think and respond.

Where did you take it? What type of rigs did they have?
The track portion was a large section of parking lot permenantly barricaded and marked off.
We had a Harley trike, 2 Canam spyders, and 4 hacks, either a 250cc or 400cc bike with a very substantial frame and a home made plywood tub with an auto bucket seat in it. Crude but it worked and fairly comfortable.

1st day, hack riders were paired up and took turns driving and being the monkey. Most of us had a specific style of 3 wheeler we were primarily interested in, but the test covers all 3 types, and we were encouraged to try all 3 rigs.
I was pleasantly surprised at how stable the Trike was, found the Canam to be a delight to drive (fast, good brakes, handled well), and the hack just a RIOT of FUN!!

2cd day, solo riding so ballast was added to the sidecar, and we had to use a lot more body english to maneuver around. It was a rainy day, so a good day to see how they handled in typical WA weather. I definitely need to buy good waterproof gloves. Finished our classroom instruction in the morning, took the written exam, then moved out to the course. We had several more exercises to complete (swerves, panic stops, drifting, etc) Then we moved on to the final riding exam.

I recommend the PNW class. Even if you never intend to own a hack, for a $125.00, (WA residents or military) where else can you spend 2 days getting some coaching, learning a new skill, and racing around on a rig you don't have to worry about scratching the shiny new paint. Cheaper than a couple of days at Disney.

Soon as I get back from my next trip to the sandbox, 3 wheels here I come!!
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