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Originally Posted by Bigdog54 View Post
great, why would someone suggest that. What do resistor wires do?
Because they are clueless Seriously though, they are referring to adding LED blinkers to an existing DC system, not what you have on the XR4.

Good explanation Stretch (except the 60 cycles per sec, on a MC the cycle is RPM dependant)

Bigdog, you're trying to pull more from the system than it was ever designed to produce. In order to have blinkers that actually work (and a decent headlight) you'll need more power from the stator. 3 choices for that, install a battery that you periodically charge. Rewind the stator for more power or install a higher output stator. THe system on the 400 was designed to run a tiny headlight and taillight, it's AC which doesn't play well with DC componets like LEDs. I've added DC power to a few XRs and to get what you want you'll need a stator mod or replacment, a voltage reg/rect and a small battery or capacitor.

If you want to buy the parts, figure $240 bucks, stator is about $150, reg/rect is about $50 and the cap is about $30 bucks. The stators come with two 100W outputs, wire one to the existing AC system and leave that alone. Wire the other to the reg/rect inputs, the outputs go to the small battery or cap and all your DC runs off that. Both systems must be seperate and cannot share grounds. This is done by running the DC's grounds back to the battery or cap's (-) terminal. This method will give you 100W ac for the bike's existing electrical system (plenty left over there) and 100W for the DC stuff which is plenty. If you use a cap, expect the DC stuff to be a little flakey at idle where the system's output is very low, with a battery, it takes over at that point and will provide power to run the DC normally (within reason).
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