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Originally Posted by LethPhaos View Post
so it seems I'm going to have to get into the building windfarm world . where would one apply, and what degree would you need?
Its not just the wind farm industry. It is the utility industry as a whole. The average age of a Utility engineer or Power Engineer in the US is over 50 right now. Who is going to fill that gap once they retire? People with an electrical engineering degree with an emphasis on power systems. When I was in college there were only a handful of students studying power. I can guaranty every one of them got a job out of college. If you are willing to travel for a few years working your a$$ off as an on site engineer (most engineers don't want to leave their office) you can put aside some decent money. Not to mention there are no living expenses when you are working 95 miles from home or more. 2 words.... Per Diam. (non taxed)

Speaking of power systems... I took a picture of this today when I was done snowboarding.
This building houses a transformer for sourounding hotels. The high voltage bushing is about 3 feet above the snow bank. It is probably 2.4kv or 4.6kv. Either way, if a kid got up there.. He would be no more. This would have to be a minimum of about 18 feet or so in the US. I've been here for just over 2 weeks and the power has gone out 3 or 4 times. Maybe its got something to do with the installations.
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