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I find FI to be very simple, and systems on bikes so far are dirt simple.
On a Japanese bike, you can expect very few problems, and if you educate yourself about it, its very easy to trouble shoot and fix a problem, car or bike.

Besides some crappy German and American cars, its typical for a FI system on a modern car to be trouble free for the life of the car.

And if you want to compare FI and carbs, do not post up diagrams of crappy CV carbs with poor throttle response, post up a pumper carb, which is as good as FI.

I like both systems, FI is no fuss, sellf correcting, gets better range out of a tank of gas, and a good pumper carb is cheap and easy to dial in. Both are WAY better then CV carbs!

Carbs and their vacuum petcocks have more problems on average then FI on a good brand bike, but can be fixed easy and cheap.
You can keep abs, traction control, and any other stupid proof the rider systems.

If you really like old tech, get an old tube type TV set, that will keep you busy...
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