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I love your list, but have to address what you wrote there at the end... I've had EFI fail plent enough on cars and trucks. usually it's just the fuel pump. Sometimes it's a sticky or bad injector.

And then, for an estimated million of us (and numerous undocumented or not worth pursuing cases like my second vehicle) a few year ago, the shipments of Shell gasoline for southeast Florida had higher levels of sulfur in them then was recommended. Tons of us were left stranded, and I bet some may have been injured from wrecks (if what happened to me was any indication - everything was ghoing fine in my bumper-to-bumper 80 miles per hour commute - that's the way they do things on I-595 - and then... nothing. I was left coasting and praying i could get over to the shoulder at a decreasing speed and with no power).

EFI is here to stay, I have no doubt. And for most situations that's probably OK. But if I ever go touring even just a few of the places I'd like to tour... if those countries ever become safe enough to ride a bike solo through... I would rather not have to be worried about the quality of the dirty fuels I'd be buying.

Carbs also have this neat thing where even if they're messed up or out of adjustment, there are methods and modes of keeping a bike running and moving one way or another. I'm not sure EFI is as forgiving, but then the other side of the equation is if EFI has a lot more leeway to work within, or reliability built in, before some such not-quite-right scenario rears its head.

Originally Posted by kyns View Post
I find this carb / EFI debate funny. Since there are other reasons to end up stranded, than just fuelling.
Anything can happen.

Lets put two guys on adventure bikes. The other bike with a carb and other with an EFI. They both ride 10 000 miles in same terrain... Then lets gamble...

For the carb to break. 1 to 40 000 chance
For the EFI to fail. 1 to 38 500
To have a flat tire 1 to 500
To bend touratech crap. 1 to 1
To simply run out of fuel. 1 to 2000
To crash and break a leg. 1 to 14 000
For the drive chain to break and "weld" itself between front sprocket / engine case. 1 to 8 000
For the rider himself to weigh more than his steed, resulting in frame crack. 1 to 2

I have never had EFI fail on me, on my cars and bikes.

Maybe time for the carb people to start eating all that can food, they piled for the 2012 end of the world thing....
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