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Originally Posted by Paebr332 View Post
I do.

Find a schematic diagram for the computer you are posting from, then place a simplified typewriter diagram next to it. Geez, that fancy 'puter thing is WAY too complex. It must be broken down all the time, what with all them thar fancy little pieces.

Mechanical systems are inherently subject to mechanical wear and mechanical maladjustment. Oddly enough, it is almost always the mechanical parts (pump first of all) of the an EFI system that fail. So the solution the Luddites propose is use a COMPLETELY mechanical system.

Luddite huh

simply count the number of components below. which for fuel injection are necessary to duplicate different functions of a plain ole carburetor.

each adds an additional point of failure. ALL mechanical parts will fail at some point.

this reasoning is for an adventure bike that I'm hopefully going to be riding RTW.

OEM and dealerships LOVE complexity. which forces customers to bring their bikes back to dealership for service. when a design uses complex proprietary components like below. If/when bike breaks down ... expertise and high tech electronic testing gear are needed to diagnose actual root cause.

you've not seen fun until you get intermittent problems ... replacing hugely expensive components wrong is not high on my list of fun. sometimes simplest way to diagnose is by replacing with a known to be good part.

when/if your high tech machine breaks down in the middle of no where ... you are walking! vs low tech bike like R80G/S .. I'll be spreading out my tool kit with spares and be back up.

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