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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
Melitta plastic filter cone and paper filters. Cheap and light.
Hey! Now your talking,I use one of those cone things for coffee every morning. I dont know if gas would flow through one fast enough or what,have to try it at home.

Having said that I bought a last year carbed 2011 EXCR530 and it works great,very snappy once the EPA jetting is long gone.
The FI takes a lot of fooling around to get it to make the power it should,guys are for ever searching for just the right map and then keeping extra fuel filters always on hand is just more stuff to fiddle with. Then if an injector does clog or quit in the middle of BFE,........well, it quit,get off and find another means of transportation.

Carbs make for a lively powerband and today's carbs really work well after many years of development. I can go from sea level to 10,000' and it seems to run darn well. Im no Luddite and would like FI on my streetbike,it doesnt go in the dirt.
Some bikes around at times
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