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hey bluff Steve is the one who told me that 2002 ish or up to that year you dont need a caliper extension or bracket...its the same mount and hence the same caliper pretty much...also those years or around those years have no issues with the steering stops

I mean they are perfect! If you want you could probably shave a little of the aluminum on the bottom clamp but you might get into problems if you have a big tank, etc...

what DOES change are the cr crf master cylinders and can be made to work...

all I can reccomend is to get showa TWIN chamber usds which are way better than normal older style usds...

the stem length issues was because I THOUGHT the xr stem(what I used and dont need to turn down anything) was slightly shorter, it might be, but not enough to need to shave down my washers and locknuts I did originally

in any case let us know...its really easy if you stick with honda oem parts...or oem factory showa stuff etc...
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