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Originally Posted by small_e_900 View Post
I would switch to natural gas in a second.
The nearest gas lines are 10 miles away
Gas heat, hot water. clothes dryer and cooking and only one bill.

Propane would cost as much or possibly more than oil.
Same deal here. I wish I could get gas. I currently heat with wood, have an oil furnace for backup. Dad is total electric with a heat pump, similar size house, and his bills aren't much better than mine before I bought the wood furnace.

Wood heat is a lot of things, but free isn't one of them:

Year 1, total oil - bill $2700
Year 2, bought wood add on furnace for $2300 - spent 2300, so I'm +400
Year 3, bought nothing. +3100
Year 3, bought log splitter for $2400 and another chainsaw, $300 used. - currently + 3100
Year 4, bought John Deere Gator to aid in hauling wood. Ran out of easy stuff, had to get deeper in the woods somehow. Price was around 13,000, so I'm about 7,000 in the negative.

These figures do not count consumables, such as gas and saw chains. I also left out little stuff like splitting maul, a few wedges, stuff like that. Before I started heating with wood I owned 2 chainsaws already, total price there was around 700 or 800. I bought the third used saw as another tool, not to replace a broken one. Currently have 3 chainsaws, basically small medium and large. Before that I had small and medium.

I could have done it cheaper, and did the first few years. Hauling with a truck sucks because the ground needs to be dry or frozen, which is rare here in the winter. Hauling with a tractor and trailer isn't much better. Ruts everywhere, trails get torn up, and can't turn around in the woods. My ATV couldn't handle the trailer coming up the hills. Splitting by hand isn't bad when you have the time, but I'd much rather use the splitter then go do something more important. Like riding.
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