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Batteries and Fuel Injected bikes

I contracted the "stupid" virus and killed my battery (Shorai - LiFePO - Lithium Iron whatever...) while trying to start my GS. Should have noticed the kickstand switch out of place and the Oil Temp light not flashing...

I've had batteries go bad on me before, specifically due to the alternator wires melting on my old Ducati Monster. But since that bike is carb'ed, I've always been able to push start it. No such hope with the GS: even with a low battery I still couldn't push start it! The only solution was to jump start from another battery.

I don't blame the battery or the technology, it had all worked fine until I messed up. However, if I ever go somewhere really out of the way, I'll make sure and bring an extra battery probably a Sycl (sold by an inmate here). Just 'cause I can't be trusted!
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