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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
It depends on how YOU feel about the mileage. Does it bother you?

Figure up what a new one costs with the same accessories, plus tax and fees, and see where you'd be. OTD prices are pretty scary, to me. Again, how do YOU feel about it.

Lastly, use a search engine, like SearchTempest, and look around Craigslist. Tiger 800s are out there (3 pages worth, today).
The only thing that. Scares me about mileage. Is the bikes are new. And haven't been tested so to speak
I use search tempest actually. Most of them on there are dealers. Selling
not to many used ones around yet. With the same Accesories. OTD new. I'm around 5 grand difference , probably more !
Which is pretty substantial for me But I would consider a new one with out the extras too . I've just never bought a new bike so it's a little scary for me This would be my first
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