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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
He broke his Gary Fisher HiMod Pro. Trek replaced it with a Fuel. Unfortunately, that platform is terrible for big dudes. Also, the fork offsets are different between the two bikes. Fox did what they could with the shock and he had the crowns swapped, valving changed, and upgraded to 15mm. I have no idea what a basic service and revalve would cost. I'd just call them. Furthermore, there's nothing like having the maufacturer do the work. You know it'll be right.

You only have one set of teeth. Look after 'em.

Absolutely. Good to know about Fox - I'll call them and report here what the cost should be in case any of you are looking at the same thing.

As an aside; I've heard of more Gary Fischer/Trek frames breaking than any other brand. I have no idea if there's any validity in that or not, but I personally know of 4 riders around here who have broken Trek/GF frames, one being an old, sort of fat (super nice) hippy dude who rides slow, while high as a kite listening to his Dead tunes. He's broken 2 fuel frames.
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