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I guess my point is if you find the suspension to suck at 500 miles don't expect it to be better with time. On the contrary it will probably become more annoying. Maybe because it's about the only shortcoming (for me) of the motorcycle.
Suspension on the Roadie is really whacked. The spring is too light even for me (156 lbs), seems to be pre-compressed to not sag too much, the valving is completely off, why too harsh compression, not enough re-bound.

I have a Traxxion AK-20 in the front now and it is worlds better. The price is high, yes, but I think it might be the best front suspension I have ridding with so far. I'll get a Wilbers fully adjustable rear when I have my bike back and feel good about it again (after hitting a deer 5 weeks ago and having lots of repair work done). The front spring is now correct for my weight and the damping is pretty much spot on. Quite a difference. Oh, and I also raised the rear about 15mm.
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