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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
I agree. Anything below 40 is cold enough for me to connect the heated gear. There are times when it's in the 20s and I ride to work without connecting the heated gear, because it's only a 5-minute commute, but it's still cold.
40 degrees is probably the magic number for cold on a motorcycle. At road speeds the wind chill factor can be well below freezing.

The thing that bugs me is around here it'll start at the low 30s and reach the 60s or 70s in the afternoon. You either start out underdress or end up overdressed. I get annoyed removing and attaching liners all the time so i usually deal with a cold morning commute so i can have a carefree afternoon commute.

Coming in I always get: "arent you cold?" The answer is always yes, but it doesnt matter. Heated grips make it easier though.
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