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Welcome to the thread and hopefully to Guatemala in the summer.

Originally Posted by ans3 View Post
Greetings from Iceland.

Well this certainly looks like a thread where I can get all the information i need.

I'm thinking about going to Guatemala with my girlfriend and some friends this summer. We were thinking about buying a cheap moto there and ride around Guatemala and other countries in the region.

I was wondering if you gentlemen (and ladies) might have some information about if this is possible. That is can I as a foreigner buy a bike in Guatemala and, if that's possible, what about taking it across borders in Central America.
Yes, foreigners can own/purchase vehicles here, but beware, that the process takes a couple of weeks at best if you are getting one brand new (even for Guatemalans). Consider locating a suitable used bike. The advantage of having a bike with local plates is that you need not do temporary import procedures to travel in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua

I was thinking about buying one of these:
and riding with my girlfriend on the back. What do you guys think?
My personal thoughts: The CB1 Tuf is a small bike, how big are you? I travel on a Honda XR125L , but SOLO and is good enough for me, but I weigh 145 lbs and 172 cms tall. My bike can handle about 225 lbs without effort, but two up and 45 lbs luggage is a struggle, I know, sometimes, I take my 14 year old daughter with me on weekend rides! I do between 300 and 700 kms on a weekend, with some power issues in elevations higher than 3500 m. But I put up with it. Top speed 110 kms/h, crusing single 85, two up 70. Up hill, drops of course, but I am there to tour, not to race. For two up you need a 250. Maybe consider buying a Genesis 250, chinese bike, with a DR250 copy. Or just pay the extra money between the CB1 tuf and the XR125L. What is your plan? What do you want to see, how remote you want to go? If you are in need for more help, PM your email or FB
Any information would be great.

All the best
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