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Originally Posted by Sound Farm View Post
What do u guys think of a 2012 abs. Xc with 20,000 miles. With a few farkles and triumph panniers for $9000. ??
Good deal? To many miles for the price ? Worth it to just ge a new one ?
I like the price. Don't like the mileage but it has been serviced on regular basis by dealer. Let me know what u think

As mentioned, the accessories are worth maybe 25 to 50 cents on the dollar, but ONLY if you want them. If you don't, they're worth nothing. The oem pannier set is only desirable by on-road riders, they are too weak for off pavement, especially if you dump it over on them. The mounts are plastic tabs.

The mileage is not a problem, but it is a few miles. Seems like a pretty reasonable deal, and you could sell of the pannier set if you wanted something else. You could always offer $8500 and that's starting to sound like a bargain at that point. MIne was $12,900 OTD before any accessories, and I thought that was a pretty good deal.

If you have to pay sales tax that is also a consieration. A private party might be able to save you a few bucks on that.

I just purchased a new 13 roadie last week. I have noticed the suspension seems kinda harsh. Weather has only permitted me to get about 50 miles so far. So I am wondering, will it break in and soften up some? I test rode the XC also but didn't get off road with it so I didn't really notice the difference between the two on the street. Of course I only have a very few limited miles riding both. Has anyone performed a suspension upgrade on a roadie? What are the options for the front? Or should I just plan on keeping this bike on hard packed graded roads? This is my first bike that is dirt oriented and I have very limited experience on two wheels off road. I run Elka suspension on my quads and have experience setting them up for off road but zero experience with forks or road/off road bike suspension.
I test rode both models, had been leaning toward the roadie as I was looking for a replacement for my road bike. And they are a grand less, and I liked the alloy wheels and tubless tires. I rode the roadie first, was amazed how smooth. Took the XC just to make sure it wasn't enough better to warrant the extra cost. To my surprise they were VERY similar, but the XC was definitely more plush and I liked that. After mulling it for a couple of days it was clear the XC was a better choice for me, for my riding. Looking back there should have been no question.

Anyway, bottom line is that the XC is definitely more plush, and as long as you don't ride it really hard it doesn't suffer from diving and see-sawing. And it handles corners well too. I know this doesn't help you with your roadie, but with some suspension mods I'll bet you could get it to a level of comfort you would be satisfied with.
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