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It's a short cut, really
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Morning Rob,

Thanks for the tips. Thinking about it last night, I believe I'll see if I can try different exhausts first. I have a Laser (from the DR800) and still have the GPR. I thought I'd pull the "quite" inserts out of one or both of those and give the bike a run. It may be that my GSXR pipe is a bit restrictive. The only problem is that the GSXR can is the only one that I can make "US Forrestry Approved" with the addition of a mesh spark arrestor...the other pipes are street only. Runing this bike in the wild without the arrestore nets you very large (in the order of $1500) fines from our Rangers.....and rightly so. You guys down in Oz know all about wildland fires.

Changing the pipe should also confirm that I am, in fact, running rich....but the black at the end of the pipe is a pretty good indication.

If nothing else, this does show me that the airbox on the SR41 is truly restrictive. I keep putting off carving mine up but it seems inevitable.

Our mandated Repulic of Kaleeforneea fuel is called "E10"

It's 10% ethanol....if you're lucky. Some of the cut-rate stations have been known to pump more corn squeeze than the name brands.

I tend to stick with Shell or Chevron but the highest grade fuel we can get is 91 octane (measured ROM).

I also use Startron enzyme treatment to try to damp down the effect (collecting water for one) of the alcohol.

I think it's a misguided attempt by all the treehugger (who for some reason tend to drive SUVs) to save the earth. Our government just sees a way to subsidize all the corn farmers in the midwest.'s rubbish. A few months ago the tree hugger lobby in league with the air quality nazis cooked up a plan to go with 15% ethanol....until all the major auto builders told them they be rebuilding their SUVs after 10 thousand miles.

In the real world, I don't know how this affects jet numbers and is one of the reasons why I try not to recommend jetting to guys overseas.

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