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A very good article.

First I'd like to reassure you that, no matter how much you may fear it, you will not swerve your car sideways and hit me. By the time I invade your space, I've been studying your driving from four cars back. I know if you're on your cellphone or putting on your makeup. I know if you're following too close or lagging behind. I know if you hug to the left or right, or weave.
If you're the worst kind of driver, the one who trudges along at your own slow pace locked mirror-to-mirror with the car beside you, I've been cursing you for as long as it takes you to wake from your reverie and hit the gas, giving me the few feet of separation I need to tip my handlebars around your side view mirror.
It takes me about a half second to make my move. Once I do, you can't react fast enough to hit me.
If a physical fact can produce a psychological state, a psychological state can produce a physical fact... The whole of creation is asleep within the deep of man and is awakened to objective existence by his subconscious assumptions.
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