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Yes. This is so true about the big'en heavy adventure bikes. A person that does not have the hands on stuff for the off road thing can end up on their side pretty fast. It sounds like you have some nice street unit c-m, and purhaps a cheaper off road unit might be worth considering. I have a beater bike for my 55/50 thing, and it does every thing I need it to do. I have used it for long huals once and a while, but I like my wee-pig for this stuff.

I did the heinduen scout on my V for the 80% hyw and 20% dry gravel roads that are not to soft or wet being that 600 + 200 lbs rider does not work well in that kind of stiuation. "Not a good enough rider." The little DRZ that I have is for that kind of stuff. My play ground is 300 kms one way, so it is not uncommon for me to clock on a 700-800 km day. The air pillow makes this possable. I like the wee for this kind of stuff if my play ground is dry and I stick to the gravel roads. When the going is good, it's hammer down, but when soft spots and wet holes show up, I tap it cool.

I realy like my XL 600, KLR 650, and my DR 650 units for all round stuff. Fairly good power on the hyw, and not to bad on the odd cut lines. Just like you said c-m. Give up one thing for something else. This is why the smaller DRZ ended up in my picture. A freind of mine helped power it up, and I can hold in with some of the 650's, but it's no power house. It is better for the cut lines, being that the weight makes a world of diffrence. The bigger fuel tank add a few lbs, but the after market muffler helped put me back to where I started. 330 lbs ish. Still heavy for dirt bike, but it is not a dirt bike. It is my 50/50 dual sport.

If I could only own one bike, I some time wonder which unit I would pick !!!
It would be my powered up DRZ I guess. Not good for this or that, but good enough to a little bit of everything.

From Jeathrow Bowdean.

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