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Originally Posted by duck View Post
I'd be willing to bet that quite a few other riders rode that very same stretch of road that day under the same traction conditions but somehow manged not to lose the rear end and crash into another vehicle. Why do you suppose that none of them crashed or were "surprised?" (Hint: The offending rider fucked up.)

I make no claims to be the Rossi of the street but if there's even the possibility of questionable traction I learned a LONG time ago to roll it on coming out of a turn but not really start wicking it up until you've almost completed the turn. That way, if you do start to lose traction, your chances (more importantly, MY chances) of being able to deal with it and remain in control are greatly increased.

Blame the road crew, blame the state, blame "surprise." Do anything but blame the rider that caused the accident. I'm surprised nobody's blamed BMW yet.

I wasn't there but it sounds to me as though the OP took the best course of action in this situation. I agree that many times throttle is the "right" escape route but, unless you have a high degree of certainty that it will result in a favorable outcome, you may be adding a lot of kinetic energy to a potential impact.
HINT: sometimes it boils down to a matter of a couple of inches one way or the other, that makes the difference between crashing or just riding along oblivious to the fact that there was anything at all on the road surface. Maybe, just maybe, all those other riders you speak of, just missed where the sand was. Why the hell is everyone here so pompous and quick to proclaim that the guy who threw it away was an irresponsible no-good POS scum-bag?
NONE of us were there!!!!! Maybe the other guy WAS the asshole! But, just because he had the misfortune to crash and start the chain of events, I don't think anyone that wasn't there should automatically deem him a scum-bag that deserves to get his face punched in by "Larryboy", or anyone else for that matter. If it had happened to me, I'm sure I WOULD NOT be to happy, but unless the other guy was doing a wheelie standing on the pegs or some such dumb shit, I wouldn't automatically assume that he was being an irresponsible dip-shit until I could (hopefully) examine the situation a bit.
That would be after I stopped yelling & screaming & jumping up & down like a mental case!

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