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Originally Posted by Gros Buck View Post
You are right ... Cars have electronics that's, at least for some models, reasonably reliable. Just a matter of part selection ... They solved many problems in the 80s when they started to use grease and sealed connectors. But if you have ABS on your car, chances are that it does not work anymore at 100K miles ... Sensor this, sensor that, bla bla bla. And when you see the $1500 repair quote, you just tell yourself WTF ??? And leave it as is and live without it. And realise how useless that very expensive electronic was.
My 10 year old Corolla, with 138k miles has been flawless, with the exception of light bulbs and the AC clutch. I don't baby the car at all, and have driven it places that would embarrass half of the guys in the "Let's see your GS off road" thread. I use 100% of the 134 horsepower every day and change the oil every 6-8,000 miles weather it needs it or not

"Sensor"? What's that?
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