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Fey says...
I put on my swimsuit and headed down to the springs. Surprisingly alone, I slipped into a circular man-made pool, the nearly too-hot spring water blissfully relaxing after my long day. Reality disappeared as I floated, staring up at the full moon through the palm trees which were dancing in the wind. Perfect.
always interesting reports, Fey. I'm taking some personal satisfaction at being there to help you get your dirt legs under you. I think you have enough of a dirt primer behind you to learn the rest on your own and at your own speed. You go, girl....

I must agree that when you drill down thru the years of Nips life, he's quite a guy.....and a good guy to be a friend of if ever near Lone Pine.

Nip's been fighting his way thru carb problems on his DRZ the last couple weeks. We've been in contact over the phone a few times. This dualsporting expands a guy/gal in many ways.
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