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Thank you dirkdiggler fr the info.

I'm waiting for a few quotes. My plan is to use air freight to go there and send it back via sae freight to Australia.
Your welcome, a lot of our extra costs were paying for storage in the bonded warehouse. It was well over $1000 for about 8 days of storage. When we first had our quote we were told 7 days free storage but what they failed to say was go over the 7 days then none of it's free. We had a customs agent who helped us and we had the bikes out of the port in just over a day. I still wonder now if we had turned up say on our 4th day of "free" storage whether we would have got them out in the same time or if the process would have taken much longer!!! There were also fee's for unloading this came in at $700 and another $550 for the customs agent. This was all on top of paying the shipping company in the uk who freighted the bikes over.
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