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Originally Posted by browneye View Post
I test rode both models, had been leaning toward the roadie as I was looking for a replacement for my road bike. And they are a grand less, and I liked the alloy wheels and tubless tires. I rode the roadie first, was amazed how smooth. Took the XC just to make sure it wasn't enough better to warrant the extra cost. To my surprise they were VERY similar, but the XC was definitely more plush and I liked that. After mulling it for a couple of days it was clear the XC was a better choice for me, for my riding. Looking back there should have been no question.

Anyway, bottom line is that the XC is definitely more plush, and as long as you don't ride it really hard it doesn't suffer from diving and see-sawing. And it handles corners well too. I know this doesn't help you with your roadie, but with some suspension mods I'll bet you could get it to a level of comfort you would be satisfied with.

Very well said browneye. Exactly the way I was thinking when I purchased, grand less, tubeless, smooth. I'm still on the fence as whether I should have ended up with the XC but like you said with some suspension mods I'll be able to sort it out. It's not terrible on pavement but off pavement it needs some work.
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