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Using V-max as a baseline- the Motus should handle WAY better, not feel like a brick, lighter, has actual range, comfortable for that range. Not sure how the v-max is considerably more advanced as it is based on 1985 cycle tech and not all that changed since that day. There are 'advancements' in engine tech since the pushrod days, but that doesn't mean the engine is low tech for the Motus.

The Vmax HP numbers are shy of the targets Motus has published by a lot, so I'm not sure about the 'a lot more horsepower' part.
I doubt the v-max mill is lighter than the Motus by much, but time will tell.
530 wet weight and 6 gal of fuel for the Motus, 630 wet weight, 4 gal of fuel for the v-max.
The v-max motor in a sports tour? That would be interesting, but I think the current I4 FJR is where Yamaha will stay.
I think you might be getting confused with the old 1200 Vmax the new one released in 2009 has no ties what so ever with the old engine it now has a 1670 V4 rated at 200hp. As far as being more advanced I was not just referring to the obvious DOHC with 4 valve heads but more things like variable inlet manifolds, alloy cylinder liners etc.
I agree the motus should make a great sports tourer, I just feel its engine is a little behind the times in comparison to whats already out there
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