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well I like what I see, and since I do not put too many miles on my scooter I don't think I will inspecting the valves more than 2 a year and with our labor cost, well that will not be so expensive even at a dealer (last service for my honda was 25 usd or so)

besides this valve interval, what else is there to watch out? what type of lights does it have? h4? 1 or 2 lights? 35 or 55 watts?

I hope to use it for going to school (I am a professor) and that is 4 mile one way trip with city and some former highway were the legal (not really fallow) speed limit of 35 mph where you will go 40-50.

And knowing me, if this does 50-55 mph as a cruising speed, I will be out exploring more and farther, not afraid to cross into the US and take some back roads...

Also, what accedories are already available? I don't do much to the engine or mechanical things, but I do add stuck to my bikes, so windshields, top racks and the like? Also what is the electrical power on these babies? thinking of extra LED lights or electrical gloves, or a minimal o 12V accessory outlet.

Thanks for your advice,comments and such.


PS I will be buying (hopefully) in 12 months, so you can look for all the real adjustments necessary!
Since you are in Mexico, you may not have the 150cc law there. If not, I would consider the Zuma 125. It will do 50-55 mph, and you can load it down easily. You can get a Yamaha rack for it, I got a Shad rack/case mount for mine instead (it's listed on the U.S. Yamaha site) and a Shad 33L top box. You can also add saddlebags, and install highway pegs, which lets you use the entire floor for storage (the PCX does not have a flat floor) I did a 700 mile round trip on mine with no problems other than the aforementioned freeway miles, with only the top case, underseat storage, and a backpack. I have found it comfortable and rugged, it easily carries my 220 pounds.

Not putting down the PCX, looks like a great scooter (other than the valves), it and the Zuma are completely different appearance wise, the PCX is a little bigger physically, but the Zuma seems to have more options for carrying stuff.
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