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A reply from another site
"Here's the problem... you can't disregard air resistance at higher speeds. That's like saying granite would float in water if you disregard gravity.

In top gear, you use a significant amount of your power due to wind resistance and friction. Only the remainder is used to accelerate the vehicle. Since you have less available power to accelerate the vehicle, you will accelerate slower.

It is also more "violent" in low gears because you have more torque at the wheels which is more likely to get the tire to lose traction or for the reaction to lift the nose of your vehicle upwards."

But consider this: What about the turbo diesel trucks in the link which all have a basically FLAT power curve. Could you then choose from 3rd, 4th, or 5th which would give the same exact power and road speed? Just a different rpm and torque multiplication. And expect the exact same level of acceleration? Crazy topic huh. I think 3rd will accelerate much harder.

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