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Seeing as my Husaberg wasn't available, I recently rode back to Death Valley and then explored mostly off tarmac having a great time on the stock LRP, no Nancy this time.
It did great and took many miles of very rough riding in stride, surprising me how much you can push this bike without breaking something. From interstate travels to gnarly rock gardens I found the engine to be just fine with plenty of power to have fun, matter of fact it's very obvious the motor has finally loosened up and is making much more power than when it was new. On a side note for people feeling like they need to go spend a bunch of cash trying to make their bike "faster" I suggest you go put some miles on it first, it does improve with no money spent with miles.

The main limiting factor on this bike for me to go faster was only the suspension.
For the most part I had no problem keeping up with good riders on very fast bikes, but when pushing the bike's limits trying to haul ass on very rough terrain while loaded with lots of extra fuel and camping gear it was easy to bottom it out, especially in whoops, sudden washouts, and big rock gardens. This is to be expected with the budget OEM suspension that's probably designed more for milder DS use and not for fast desert riding.
With that said I'm not sure I'll be spending much money beyond a damper since Nancy won't be pushing the performance limits of the bike and riding more along the lines of it's intended design and for that it's just fine how it is IMO. I surely wouldn't buy any of the current suspension upgrades that are available at this time.
In the end I had a great time on the LRP regardless of it's softer feel and think this is one great bike capable of long distance touring, or going any place off road that just about any dirt bike can.

With a 13T sprocket I averaged 38 MPG for the trip and had the capacity to carry about 7 gallons of fuel total, making the 250 miles between gas on 350+ mile dirt rides possible. Top speed was with a backwind going downhill at 89mph, on the highway cruising 67MPH was average, 60 going uphill in 5th gear, 75 going downhill. Pretty much wide open throttle most of the time on the highway, especially with strong head winds. I hope they make that IMS tank pretty big, while the advertised numbers are good for MPG, in the real world it doesn't get very good milage unless you're just poking along a country road @50 mph, at least for us. A little over 1000 miles in 3 days of pure riding heaven on the Little Red Piggy (that can and did!)



Death Valley Daze from Lost Rider on Vimeo.

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