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Originally Posted by Jedl View Post
And that is exactly the group to which I was referring.

Really, you think so?? Such has not been my experience. A very high percentage of people that ride motorcycles, knew how to ride a bicycle at a basic level before they started riding motorcycles. I'm confident that a much smaller fraction of those people were skilled cyclists before they started riding motorcycles. Again, I was talking about people that know how to ride a bicycle, not highly-skilled cyclists, but people who learned how to ride a bicycle as a kid and then assume that they will know how to operate a motorcycle because of that limited experience.

I have no issue with your description of how experienced cyclists approach riding bicycles at a high / aggressive level or how those skills relate to motorcycle dynamics. My comments about bicyclists was about what you've called "peddlers". Fair enough ??

Then you should realize what I was saying. Having been around in sales and on the forums,most people who bring up bicycling relating it to motorcycling are most frequently serious cyclists. They relate it to their two wheel experience. Those who just pedal around without thought.will also not relate the experience to that of riding a motorcycle unless asked about it. They don't get the relationship.

That was what I was saying. They get it.
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