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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
we're almost done with the IN list, now we can move on to the event itself. please post up if you could help.

1) PSR no longer has a trash service, which means there could be no dumpster or limited trash collection. suggestions?

2) we will need 8 folding tables, bring one or two it will be greatly appreciated....

3) if you're trucking, bring pop up shelter in case the weather does not cooperate.

4) volunteers to bring firewood. we need about 5 people @ 10 bundles each. if you have access to a big stash that will be better or buy it by the truck load.

5) anyone into recycling? - i know most of us do. looking for someone who will handle all the collection and disposal of bottles and cans.

dinner suggestions - ?
thursday - burger, hotdogs and chili (the net will be donated to SOS).

good chance we will have home brewed beer by mike (shunka). we will sell it to raise more $. bring your own cup.

friday - catered sandwich and soup (just like last year) + desert

saturday - carne asada, tortilla and beans + desert

this has been posted before - bring your own fork, spoon and knife.

i'm sure we will need kitchen volunteers. last year, lots of people helped, hopefully this time we will see more new faces


I am unclear on something. In post # 2 you say that the registration fee will cover among other things, the firewood. In the quoted post you seem to be asking 5 volunteers to bring 5 bundles each (@$6.00 each in my area) or buy it by the truck load. Is the event paying for the wood or are volunteers paying for it?

I know where to buy a truckload of Lemon wood cut to firewood size for $40.00 in Ventura county but my truck is already going to be full with my personal firewood and other gear.

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