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Originally Posted by laramie LC4 View Post
i've used this stuff for many different things in the past. makes a great license plate backing for your dirtbike. just need a dremel with a good cutting wheel and your in business. that was the plan for this but once i had it in hand and "mocked" it up on the bike and played with the position, i didn't have to do anything but drill 3 holes. not really "sexy" or "super cool" but it's hauling bags, who the hell is gonna look at it? plus i had it off the bike in under 2 minutes.

what is it you ask?

a cheap, white, plastic cutting board. strong, light, water resistant, and heat resistant (to a point). like i said, Keep It Simple Stupid.

great thing is, it also doubles as a cutting board.

told ya i was a little crazy.


Great minds think alike! My top case is mounted on a black cutting board bought at Target. I had to use two nylon spacers to get the case leveled up:

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