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I didn't see the spring rate as being the issue, I'm not a heavy guy and the extra fuel on back weighs more than my all camping gear, most of the time the softer suspension was fine, just seemed like it could use a hell of a lot more compression damping. I'm not a suspension Guru though, I have state of the art WP closed cartridge suspension setup by someone that is a Guru on my Berg', only making small adjustments for various rides whether I'm loaded or not, or if know I'll be in either soft terrain or rock garden trails. Most of the time I leave it somewhere in the middle so it works everywhere because I like to get around.
I ride, not fiddle with things much.

The main reason I say I wouldn't buy any of the current available choices is they don't have remote preload and still charge top dollar, same I've paid for Ohlins with remote preload. If I'm going to spend $800 on a shock, it's going to be Gold.
If we got new suspension it would get sprung for Nancy, but I would have to have the ability to easily crank up the preload for when she's carrying camping gear, or I'm riding the bike, no sense in paying to make compromises IMHO. We can wait, or just buy a higher performance bike when the time comes to drop a couple grand or more into this one...
I'm sure it would greatly improve the handling, but as you can see, it's doing OK without spending big bucks and is just fine for Nancy to grow into a great dirt bike rider. Lost Rider tested.

What saved me from crashing more than anything was having proper knobby tires on, I couldn't have done what I did without incident on the OEM tires or most DS tires.

About 1:43 into the video I slowed down 4 seconds when I hit a 3' wide very deep hole with square edges, luckily I was going fast enough and in the right gear to be able to get the front wheel over it. That hit was devastating, broke my tool tube off, and I've never broke one of those on other bikes with many rough miles. I'm sure better suspension would have helped there since it blew threw the soft rear shock with not enough compression instantly sending the rear wheel up a couple of feet and me doing a handstand on the bars after the shock bottomed out from the force of the hit. Nothing else broke though, I didn't even bent a wheel on this ride.


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