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Iron Butt Magazine (of Iron Butt Assn. fame) had a survey of members preferences. They liked the sticky string/gummy worms about 60+% of the time iirc.

As another poster noted, t-handle tools work easier. My t-handles are cut down about an inch off each side for better packing without losding much handle leverage. I like the 'tweezer tip' much better than the 'button hook' tip. Practicing a few times in the comfort of one's garage is worth more than can be believed. If you fail there, get an experienced budd to show you how it is done.

If I am on a trip, I will pack a dozen strings. It is possible to ride over a board with a line of staples for a multi-puncture. In addition to a home-made mini-compressor of the wally-world type with the plastic stripped off, I might pack a really good, but small, bicycle pump. My kit has the adapter for the non-schrader bicycle stems as I am a friend to that clan.

The AAA tow package guy NEVER gets there faster than one can repair a flat with some kit on the bike. If you want to appear as a god to some riders, pack some tube patches and a pair of 7" tire irons.
"beware the grease mud. for therein lies the skid demon."-memory from an old Honda safety pamphlet
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