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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
I just spooned a TR8 on my 690. How do you like the tire aside from the wear?

1K miles is all I ever got out of 606's on my DR, if I get that out of this tire on the 690 I'll be happy. I get about 600 out of T63's but haven't run the dirt wheels on the bike in a while.
So far it's done everything I've asked of it. Pretty predictable on the road, even in the rain. The only incident involved some icy asphalt, but even then the tire did what I expected. I run about 22 psi for everything which has made the rear wear pretty square. It hooks up well off road in my experience. I've had it on trails, gravel roads, clay, loam, sand, and mud. A little loose in the mud. The front drives really hard in the sand, but it can also hold good speed through corners without washing (on all surfaces so far).

Ten times the tire my last set of Bridgestone trail wings were.
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