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Originally Posted by crobox View Post
I am going to finish the evening's posts with a question.... or two....

This afternoon the power went out (damn rural electric cooperative!) and so I decided to begin installing the wiring harness. No power required for that....

In the following picture

does anyone know what the 2-pin connecter in circle A is for? The wires going into it are black and green. I don't think I've got anything hanging around that plugs in there.....

And, the loose green wire in circle B is one of two wires from the AC regulator. There does not seem to be a female green receptacle for it anywhere nearby.... I studied the wiring diagram in the Clymer manual and it seems that this is just a common ground, so I am thinking of just connecting it with one of the other green ground wires nearby. Sound good? (As you might surmise I did not take careful notes OR pictures during disassembly of the harness... DOH!)

Over at the left of the picture you can see one of the problems I uncovered under the gobs of electrical tape which I removed... those two green wires were just twisted together and taped up. I would have soldered them and covered them with heat shrink tubing, but like I said the damn power was out. I will do that tomorrow.
the plug A looks a little bit like the rear brake light switch?
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